How Lotnotes Started...

by Lotty Vargas

In 2017 I moved from Miami to Midland, Michigan. Living in Midland I noticed that several local companies go 'out of business' due of lack customers interest. It made me think that it's time to contribute my new community by sharing my Social Media and Digital Marketing Expertise to help small business grow strong and faster using the Internet and Social Media platforms.

Every time I had an opportunity to talk with business owners and customers during my market research I learned more about their preferences and challenges. Thank to these conversations I wrote hundreds of sticky-notes which I have attached on a large board in my home-office to remind me the importance of the genuine feedback. One year later, in January 2019 I launched



My mission is to help and guide small businesses and personal brands to improve their results, empower their reputation and increase visibility and revenue using Social Media and other Internet and Digital outlets.


I offer a personalized and customized service to fit your business needs.

  • Websites Development & Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Training and Consulting

Hablo Español

Para tu conveniencia hablo perfectamente tu idioma y tengo la experiencia necesaria para ayudarte a conseguir mejores resultados en las redes sociales. Trabajemos juntos para atraer la audiencia que realmente le interesa a tu negocio or marca ya sea dentro o fuera de los Estados Unidos.

About The Founder

I'm Lotty Vargas, a Website Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist, Strategist and Consultant based in Midland, Michigan with over 15 years of experience. More about me.

Lotty Vargas - LotNotes Founder and Social Media Strategist and Consultant