How to add More Clickable Links on Instagram to Drive Traffic to your Website

You probably know that Instagram doesn’t allow more than one link in the BIO and you can’t add hyperlinks in your posts or comments. So, to promote your blog, website, giveaway or an event you have to edit your bio to replace the link for the new one every time you want to promote something.

There are some websites such as link.tree that offer this service and you can add more links. They offer a landing page to group several links in one page but you don’t have control to optimize it unless you pay for.

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So, why do you need to use an external website to do that when you have your own? I found a solution! You won’t lose anything. In fact, you will win… traffic to your blog or website!

What did I do? I created a page on my website to add the links I want to promote. I will use this page URL which I called ‘links’ to be my fixed link on my Instagram. See the image below and observe how it looks and click the photo to explore the experience.


When you click the link in my Instagram bio you will go to my link tree page created on my website. This page contains direct access to the pages I’m promoting on my Instagram posts.

What I win by doing this:

  1. My followers will find what they are looking for.

  2. I will drive traffic to my website (not to another website)

  3. It’s free. I don’t need to pay anybody for this service

  4. I can customize my link tree page with the same look & feel of my website

  5. My followers will explore more links from my website navigation and footer.

See below how my link tree version page looks like. Click the photo to explore it yourself.


You can customize your links page with background images or colors. I made it simple and clean to match my website design.

I hope this note is useful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.