Learn How To Find Valuable Feedback On Twitter For Any Purpose

When it comes to searching for specific feedback across social media platforms the first thing that comes to my mind is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, not everyone is on LinkedIn and due to the secrecy of Facebook it’s hard to quickly get the valuable feedback you are looking for. That’s why I prefer to use Twitter for this purpose.

This note is to talk about how to use this social network to find interesting feedback from expert followers in your niche to learn, get ideas and inspiration to improve your business.

Tracking tweets tweeted by experts is an easy way to pick other experts brain.
— Lotty Vargas

Some facts About experts on twitter

  • They usually tweet a question to encourage followers to interact in their tweets.

  • Their followers provide interesting feedback that help generate new and fresh content for your blog or website.

  • They attract other experts. It’s very common to see experts following each other.

  • They have a public account, and Twitter doesn’t require you to have an account to see their activity. You can search from here

  • Most of them utilize their audience feedback in their presentations, case study, blogs and proposals.

  • They are active. At minimum they send a tweet per day

  • They usually retweet other interesting tweets from other experts.

When you visit an expert account on Twitter take advantage of your visit by checking what they are tweeting, and I am not referring about news or content they share. I am talking about questions they ask to their audience to start a conversation.

Tracking experts ACTIVITY

  • Make a list of experts in your niche or find their official account

  • Check how often people comment on their tweets

  • Don’t follow experts just because they have a huge follower base. Most followers are silent and inactive.

  • Follow them if you notice their tweets are useful and valuable for you

feedback from HASHTAGS VS EXPERT accounts

  • Feedback from hashtags are a mix of comments from the entire Twitter community including spammers. Most tweets are off topic. The result is not always targeted nor filtered by niches.

  • Feedback from expert followers is targeted and filtered for your niche and most are being monitored by the expert.

Below is a perfect example of valuable feedback you can get from Twitter expert accounts that you can embedding in your blog, presentations, proposals and website.

The niche I chose for this example is Social Media Marketing for Business Owners

Mari Smith, who everyone calls The Queen of Facebook thanked her outstanding expertise with this social network was tweeting during the last #SMMW19 Conference. One of her tweets was this powerful question where obviously she got a bunch of powerful answers and feedback.

“If you could share one piece of advice with business owners trying to learn social media marketing, what would it be?… Mari Smith”

I’ve selected a few of them which are useful for anybody who is in the process to start on Social Media for their business. You can read more answers by clicking the tweet below. Enjoy it!

I hope you can explore more this genuine and organic opportunity to learn, get ideas and inspiration.

If you don’t have time to make a research for your project, proposals or presentations and want to feed it with real and valuable feedback contact me. I will be happy to help you with it.

Join to the conversation clicking the tweet below to answer this question.

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