How To Increase Your Audience Without Spend All Your Budget


Most business no matter the size or type spends thousands dollars in advertising on social media to increase its fan base.

I've noticed that most don’t care if their followers or fans know or consume its products. They are focused to get as many fans as they can as part of their social media effort.

In fact, spending money in some social campaigns could work for some big corporations, but for small businesses it could be an unnecessary monetary effort with poor overall results.

You probably heard the phrase, “Quality is better than Quantity”. It’s still good and works well to boost your small business effectively on social media.

Below are some recommendations for small social media budgets:

  • Discover and select the most creative and talented employee from your team to update your social media pages. Don’t give this task to any employee.

  • Be honest and original with your posts. Never copy what other pages are doing.

  • Use the same language you use when selling your product to a client in person.

  • Educate your employees how to reply to followers or fans questions about your products and business

  • Never be aggressive with your followers just to stop their harassment. Instead discuss the issue with your team to apply a technique to convert your hater into a fan

  • Visit influencers fan pages to reply in some of their posts. Make sure your comment is funny, friendly and strong to call other users attention.

  • Offer exclusive discounts for social media users more often

  • Feature most active and loyal fans. Especially those who share more your publications.

  • Write articles and make videos to share related and valuable content with your fans

  • Use social streaming like Facebook live to show the benefits of your products.

  • Listen what your audience is saying about your business. Never ignore a comment. Learn and make changes if necessary to move forward.

Your business doesn't need to have a million fans on social media to be successful. Be focused on keeping your current fan base happy by offering them what they expect from your business. Let them to share your original content organically, don't pay for it! Organic shares is a magical tool to gain new fans liking your fan page and get interested to know more about your products.