Glad to See you here!

I'm Lotty Vargas, a Website Builder, Designer, and Social Media Marketing Strategist based in Midland, Michigan.

For over 15 years I’ve worked with clients, customers, partners, providers, vendors, celebrities, influencers, digital audience and online users for small businesses and large corporations.

My extensive Digital Services and Social Media expertise was obtained throughout the years and progressively by working for more than a decade at Univision, a Multinational Television and Digital Network in the United States.

"My mission is to help Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to improve their presence online and results using digital platforms such as Websites and Social Media"


Before Univision, I worked for over 7 years with clients, customers and vendors for a Pharmaceutical business in Miami. In Peru I’ve worked for 5 years directly with over 100 providers as a Vendor Development Director for a Nationwide Consumer business. During this period I discovered the power of the Consumers Voice and how they can contribute with their preferences and feedback to a company revenue.

All lessons learned and skills acquired though the years, and my continue education about new technical and strategist trends on Social Media is when I decided to manage my own career path as an independent professional.

If you want some references of my work please visit my LinkedIn profile or see some examples here.



Why Work With Me

I'm a passionate, curious, self-motivated, creative and logical thinking person that loves everything about Digital Marketing.

I worked for over 15 years for a multinational US Television Network company as a Senior Manager on several Marketing areas. It allowed me to learn how to build, engage and maintain a perfect online presence for businesses and entrepreneurs. Now, all the experience gained through the years and new techniques acquired are available for you and your business.

How I Work

I work closely with my clients to find a reasonable line between their expectation and reality, especially when they have small budgets.

My work is customized accordingly to fit your requirement without affecting your expectation or results.

No matter the size of your business or where you’re located because I work remotely with customized orders and specific requests. Working remotely is the new work-lifestyle and I love it. It also helps to reduce enormously the cost for my service and expertise. Most of the time I work from my home-office in Midland, Michigan but I’m able to travel if my presence is a requirement for your project.

"When you are happy working on a project the last thing you should pay attention to is how much money you will make with."

- Lotty Vargas