What hosting Web Service You use to create the websites?

It depends of the type of website you want. Most of the time I work with Squarespace and sometimes with WordPress. Both offer variety of tools to create beautiful and functional websites for simple or sophisticate layout/design without sacrificing anything of the latest features in the market. Contact me to see what website style is the right one for your business or expertise.

Do you design logos?

It depends. I created my own logo which is located on the top of this website and other logos for clients such as Melrose Handyman Services or Hesmyrock because I have knowledge on graphic design, but I prefer to address this request to a professional designer to work with you if you need a sophisticate logo. Let’s chat via facebook messenger to see if I can help you with it.

What Social Media Platforms do you Use?

I work with most popular social media platforms. Especially where most users are actively involved and massively concentrated like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Do you ACCEPT TO work on small projects?

Yes! I love to work on small projects because I can see the results quickly. You can hire my service for small or large projects or just to help you with one task only.

Do you offer a customized service?

All my service is customized and personalized to fit your business needs. I spend hours researching different options to offer the best ones for my clients.

Do you offer training AND personal coaching?

Yes, I offer social media and website training and personal coaching for business owners and professionals. It could be divided by sessions of 30/60/120 minutes each.

Can you write a review about my product?

Yes, I can write a review about your brand or product in English or Spanish. If you are interested contact me.

Who made the LotNotes website?

I made it myself. Since I help clients with their websites I have to master this service and the best way to improve my expertise is taking care of mine. So, yes I created and developed LotNotes.com. I’m a Squarespace Circle Member.

I designed the lotnotes logo, banners, icons and art graphic you can see across my website such as the 200 Instagram Highlight Icons.

What websites you use to take those awesome photos

Most photos on my blog and main stages are from free photos stock sites such as Pixabay.com, Pexels.com and Unsplash.com)

What hosting company are You using for your website?

I use Squarespace. The template name is Pacific. I have the business plan.

How you use the Survey Feedback?

After feedback is analyzed I share my analytical view about it through articles on my blog, videos or presentations. I expect it helps small businesses to provide better service to its customers.

Do I need permission to use your articles and quotes?

Since everything I share in my blog is under LOTNOTES.com copyright, I suggest you to at least add a link back to the original article or lotnotes.com. If you want to use the personalized quotes, just attribute the source to Lotty Vargas.

Do you write for other websites?

So far I write notes for my website only! You can find them on my blog.

Do You Offer Sponsored Posts on Social Media?

Yes! However it depends of the type of content or product you want me to share with my followers across my social media accounts. Contact me to discuss more about it.

What type of payment method do you accept?

You can pay with PayPal, Venmo, Western Union, Cash, Wire Transfer, Cashier Check or Money Order. If you want to pay with credit card it should be through PayPal, Venmo or Western Union.

Where are you located?

I'm located in Midland, Michigan.

What areas in Michigan you serve?

Within the Tri-Cities area such as Bay City, Midland, Saginaw, Auburn and Freeland and around.

Are you able to travel?

Yes, I am. If you want me to meet in person and you are out of town I can go upon my traveling expenses are cover by your company.

Are you able to attend overseas conference as a speaker?

Yes! Contact me.


An influencer is someone who knows how to convert a hater into a fan.
— Lotty Vargas